Wednesday, October 09, 2002

War in Gaza?

According to The Jerusalem Post, there is a war, right now, in the Gaza Strip, between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Hamas, you might remember, is a very potent military force, largely funded by the Mullahs in Iran. Now they are killing PA police officials, and these pillars of the community are on the run in fear, not even sleeping in their own homes.

My take? Nothing could please me more. One of my rules is that, whenever an Arab is killed, and Israel can not be blamed, that is a good thing. Let them kill each other. We do not need to keep Arafat alive to keep the peace, since his idea of peace is one in which my family, and all other Jews, are dead. He makes common cause with those who would kill all Americans as well. Now they seem to be killing each other. This can only be a good thing. To those who crave stability in the region, I submit that the stability is the problem. There is no regime more stable than one in which a Dictator is in complete control of the reins of power. Go Hamas, go. If they win, maybe Gaza will finally get on the "Axis of Evil" list.