Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Bad Reagan

I started out to write about something else this evening. I believe that, what with the slim pickings in this space anyway, it would be cheap and lazy of me to post on the democrat convention. So many others are covering that subject, and the rest of the world, the real world, is still there, festering and thriving away. But what I just heard Ron Reagan say has made my blood boil.

Note to readers: boiling blood is liable to lead to inappropriate language. Be forewarned.

This little prick, this know nothing, no-talent zero, who couldn't even make a living in television when his father was at the top of his powers, is now shamelessly hawking his ass to anyone who will pay, like the cheap Times Square hustler that he is. Last night I saw him on MSNBC, as the fifth liberal on a six member team of second rate hacks and has-beens. Today he is on a roll, putting his nose in places where qualified leaders refuse to tread. I fear that nose has been in even less savory places, but that I did not have the misfortune to witness.

He began by decrying how the other side has politicised an issue, when nothing could be farther from the truth, and proceeded to attempt to make it totally political. An issue that is, first and foremost, in the realm of science, and in that realm is not taken seriously. In other words, there is no controversy in scientific circles, yet this little scum smear seeks to make it an issue from which he can get attention. The issue? Human fetal stem cell tissue research. His point? He seeks to coerce the half of citizens who would rather not pay money to terminate what they conceive as human life, to so contribute. His means? Attempting to convince voters that A) such research is vital and B) denying millions of tax dollars to pursue such folly is reason enough to dump the Bush administration and therefore vote for his idol, JFK.

Actual, rather than political, research has discovered that human fetal stem cells are not a likely place to find useful medical treatments. Especially since we all carry around a virtually unlimited supply of our own stem cells. There is therefore no need to destroy human fetuses in order to "harvest" these alien, less useful, fetal cells. And, just in case there is a medical cure available here, there are a few programs going on, albeit without benefit of money from unwilling Americans. But this political hack and attention whore can not stop himself from trying to draw the spotlight to himself, and thus garner a few more unearned paychecks. Plus, as a liberal, he enjoys the rush of using the power of the State to make people pay for something that they find repugnant. And never forget the need that lefties seem to have to encourage more abortions, for whatever reason.

It is an incredible dichotomy: the son of the public figure whom I most admire, has managed to become the one for whom I have the greatest contempt.

Update: Rand Simberg has something similar on Transterrestrial Musings.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bush Hatred Clouds Logic

Clearly there is a lot of naked hatred of George W. Bush afoot, hatred that fouls our national debate. It is almost impossible to discuss politics anymore with anyone who is a determined democrat voter. Actor and Democrat Ron Silver appeared on the O'Reilly Factor last Tuesday and called remarks at a recent fundraiser for John Kerry, especially by Whoopi Goldberg, "an obsessive demeaning caricature of the President..." Silver related how people in his industry harbor a hatred of Bush that is so extreme that it is only safe, in industry circles, to be on the hate-Bush bandwagon, or to risk being ostracised. Silver added, "It's really blinded them to have any sort of honest conversation, a compromise, or discussion about the issues." And that's just show business.

What Silver went on to say is that this poisonous atmosphere among many of those on the left has occluded the fact that Bush is a classical liberal on the level of Wilson, FDR, Truman, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Leftists will not even discuss this. On the same note, feminists turn their eyes away from the real advances in the rights and position of women that Bush has made possible, in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as much of the rest of the world.

But the strangest case of this phenomenon is among the African-Americans. No president in history has taken blacks so seriously, or appointed them to such high offices. Need I say Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and two cabinet positions? Yet he can get no traction at all from ninety percent of American black voters. Even in this population, which has been so ill-served by its leaders, one would think that more than ten percent would see beyond the lies. Yet this has not happened. But the most interesting thing about this phenomenon is that it does not work. The blacks, who have given such overwhelming fealty to the donkey party, gets nothing from them in return. Kerry, who expects ninety percent of their votes, has the whitest staff of any candidate since Goldwater. Under a Kerry presidency, they would be lucky to see a black secretary of correspondence. At least the feminists can expect to see some positions given to women, since, as a kept man with a pre-nup, JFKs wife has a greater than average amount of power over her man. But the blacks? He will give them nothing. Wait - Clinton, the self-proclaimed "first black president,"gave them nothing. Kerry will give them less.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Two to One Equals Nothing

In an interesting look at the effect of money on politics, the Kerry campaign has spent about twice the amount of money on ads than the Bush campaign in the recent period, yet the polls show no bounce from the announcement of Edwards as his running mate. For the first time in modern politics, such an announcement has yielded no increase in polling results for Kerry.

That does not include the free propaganda that the major media outlets are ading to the effective presentation of the anti-Bush side. USA Today even says "Taken together, about 129,000 Kerry or anti-Bush ads were aired, 82% more than the Bush-Cheney total." as if 82% is less than two to one (which it is, but not by much) so that the effect of these facts will be muted. The poor leftists do not really understand what is happening. To them, everyone would vote their way if only they would hear the liberal message. They do not understand that people vote for a candidate, and an empty suit can not win against a popular president. Health care and the plight of the Pintail Duck will not convince the broad middle to vote against our war leader. Their only hope lies in the possibility that they can convince the voters that there is no war, and even then their empty suit will have a difficult time winning this race.

Only if al Qaeda restrains itself from attacking us until after election day does the anti-Bush have a chance. That is a strong possibility but, with bin Laden dead, and given our success at decapitating them from their command and control capability, the remaining al Qaeda leadership may have been rendered unable to get their cells in this country to refrain from launching another attack.

I do hope that the al Qaeda cells did get the message. I want no further attacks, irrespective of any strength such a state of affairs gives to the candidacy of JFK. It is clear to me that that is exactly the message that has been sent to the al Qaeda troops on the ground in the USA. Yet, even without such a reminder, it is clear to me that the rank and file of American voters realizes that we are at war, and Bush is the leader we need to protect us and to prosecute the war effort. The Leftist propaganda machine is hard at work trying to convince the electorate that there is no war. If the comments I heard from the "Hollywood in New York" fundraiser last week are any indication, that is the message that they are trying to get out. For instance, Chevy Chase said something on the order of: 'Bush promoted a few bands of losers to a position of sufficient strength to attack us on 9/11/01.' I know Chevy, and, while he's a nice fellow and all of that, he does not have the brains to dream up such a scenario on his own. He is parroting lines he has been fed, which is, after all, what he does for a living. (Sorry Chevy.)

Perhaps there are enough deluded swing voters who, fresh from seeing Michael Moore's propaganda film, might just give the enemy enough votes to garner their guy, the Manchurian candidate John Kerry, the votes needed to win. Perhaps the media can convince enough swing voters that the economy is still in recession. Perhaps enough deluded Jews can foolishly vote for the enemies of Israel again. Four months are a long time. I can just hope and pray that the chips fall toward the right, one more time.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry Picks Edwards

In a move that is at once obviously inevitable and stupefyingly surprising, JFK has picked Senator John Edwards to be his running mate. Obvious and inevitable because Edwards came in number two in the Democrat primaries, and surprising because Edwards offers Kerry nothing that will help him in his run for the presidency. A pretty face, a quick wit, an empty suit. This man has no legislation that bears his name, no executive or foreign policy experience in his curriculum vitae, and it is doubtful that he can even deliver his own state at the polls.

I just saw an evening's rotation of the news shows, with each show trotting out their democrats, and they all confirmed as much. Their main point was to say that John Edwards has as much (read none) foreign policy experience as George Bush had four years ago. I hate to break it to them, but the John Edwards of today is not running against the Bush team of four years ago. Love him or hate him, but George W. Bush has had a shitload of foreign policy experience in the last three and a half years. Foreign leaders may fear him, or hate him, but at least they know him, and know that he is not a leader to be trifled with. Meanwhile, both Kerry and Edwards are just that, trifles. Pretty, and sweet, but not serious. Bush and company are roast beef. You may not like them, but they are surely substantial.

Even over at The Guardian, no less of a light than Ann Clywyd has seen that the left needs to respond to the situation in Iraq as it exists today, not as they might have crafted it had they held power over America these last four years. While Kerry and Edwards repeat their mantra of Bush Lied, People Died, the American electorate will see a party that is pining away for the reinstatement of Saddam Hussein. After all, if the war was wrong, then Saddam should be in power. Absent the will and the balls to attack, the dictator would still be in power, draining the blood from political prisoners and feeding them into shredders. The American people are just not foolish enough to believe that Saddam had no link to the 911 murderers, as the Chicago Tribune has realized.

These are days of great events, and Kerry and the Democrats hope to win an election over health care and the economy, just as the trial of the dictator gets under way. Just as Iran and North Korea get ready to test their brand new nukes. And Kerry picks a running mate with less foreign policy experience than I do?!?! As I said, it's stupefying.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Open Letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

From a Marine officer on the Iraqi warfront with Jihadistan - To al-Qa'ida terrorists in Iraq:

I see that you have captured a U.S. Marine, and that you plan to cut off his head if your demands are not met. Big mistake.

Before you carry out your threat I suggest you read up on Marine Corps history. The Japanese tried the same thing on Makin Island and in a few other places during World War Two, and came to regret it. Go ahead and read about what then happened to the mighty Imperial Army on Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. They paid full price for what they did, and you will too.

You look at America and you see a soft target, and to a large extent you are right. Our country is filled with a lot of spoiled children who drive BMWs, sip decaf lattes and watch ridiculous reality TV shows. They are for the most part decent, hard working citizens, but they are soft. When you cut off Nick Berg's head those people gasped, and you got the media coverage you sought, and then those people went back to their lives. This time it is different. We also have a warrior culture in this country, and they are called Marines. It is a brotherhood forged in the fire of many wars, and the bond between us is stronger than blood. While it is true that this country has produced nitwits like John Kerry, Michael Moore, Howard Dean and Jane Fonda who can be easily manipulated by your gruesome tactics, we have also produced men like Jason Dunham, Brian Chontosh and Joseph Perez. If you don't recognize those names you should. They are all Marines who distinguished themselves fighting to liberate Iraq, and there will be many more just like them coming for you.

Before the current politically correct climate enveloped our culture one of the recruiting slogans of our band of brothers was "The Marine Corps Builds Men." You will soon find out just how true that is. You, on the other hand, are nothing but a bunch of women. If you were men you would show your faces, and take us on in a fair fight. Instead, you are cowards who hide behind masks and decapitate helpless victims. If you truly represented the interest of the Iraqi people you would not be ambushing those who come to your country to repair your power plants, or sabotage the oil pipelines which fuel the Iraqi economy. Your agenda is hate, plain and simple.

When you raise that sword over your head I want you to remember one thing. Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun is not alone as he kneels before you. Every Marine who has ever worn the uniform is there with him, and when you strike him you are striking all of us. If you think the Marines were tough on you when they were cleaning out Fallujah a few weeks ago you haven't seen anything yet. If you want to know what it feels like to have the Wrath of God called down upon you then go ahead and do it. We are not Turkish truck drivers, or Pakistani laborers, or independent contractors hoping to find work in your country. We are the United States Marines, and we will be coming for you.