Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Australia: The Left Begins to Reassess

Clive James, media critic, Australian, resident of England since 1962, in today's Guardian has a magnificent piece reassessing the Australian left's stand on The Important Things. He's no ex-liberal, but does a great job of showing how a liberal can see the truth, once the brain is plugged in and the light is turned on. I should be sorry at the nature of the light in this case, but I'm not. We took our hit first, and it is time for the West to demonstrate that it has the courage of its convictions. War sheds blood on both sides always. And James points out that it is liberal democracy itself, not American imperialism, that must share the blame for the current and future war between civilizations.

I would love to excerpt the text of his piece, but there is too much great stuff. If you care to see how a leftist starts upon the journey towards clarity of understanding, of abandoning feelings so one can see the truth revealed, you must read the entire article.

Link via InstaPundit.