Friday, October 18, 2002

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

I came across this mind-blowing excerpt from a letter to the editor from the Daily Australian. I'll let it stand on its own:
The root of all the vilification hurled at the United States is the accusation that it is always acting out of arrogant self-interest. This accusation is not merely hypocritical (is there any country expected to act against its national self-interest?) but it also confuses the crucial issue. The crucial question is not whether the US acts for its self-interest (every country should) but what is its self-interest? The answer will tell who should welcome its power, and who should fear it. The US is not the Roman Empire. Its wealth is not derived from imperialism and slavery but from capitalism and productivity - the productivity of free people working independently for their own benefit. Its unprecedented wealth is not the product of conquest, plunder or obedient hordes, but of its free productive population and their ability to trade. Consequently it has nothing to gain from war except the elimination of threats to those freedoms. The US is the first country in history to subordinate the state to its citizens' rights, and this is the secret of its wealth and power. It is not America's might that makes it right, but its protection of those rights that makes its might. Freedom-loving people have nothing to fear from a US using its power in pursuit of its interests - in fact, we rely on it. That is what protected us from the fascists and communists last century, and that is what will protect us from the terrorists and tyrants this century.
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What is it About Harry?

Recently Harry Belafonte has said some disparaging things about Colin Powell. Why would a prominent black man disparage one of the most accomplished black men in American history? A man who could have been the President or V.P. if he had been willing to play the game. The problem with Harry is that he's a has-been, and has no other way to get back into the limelight that he craves. He is not by any means the only socialist black man with too much time on his hands, but he DOES garner a certain amount of respect, and we need to hear him.

White rascists believe that blacks are inferior to whites. The DNA evidence tells us just the opposite, they are more advanced, in evolutionary terms. The DNA variability of Africans is much greater, meaning they are the descendants of many ancient strains of humanity, over hundreds of thousands of years, while whites and Asians are all descended from a few families about 40,000 years ago. Blacks (some of them) are obsessed, however with the history of the last thousand or so years, when most of humanity has enslaved them, all over the globe, from time to time (especially the Arabs).

It is beacuse they have grown beyond tribalism, I submit, that causes this disconnect. Most other ethnic groups stick together. My doctor, lawyer, accountant and wife are all Jews. Many blacks suffer from "black envy" which means that they prefer to not patronize black owned establishments; and black racism, where they discriminate against each other based on the darkness of the shade of each other's skin.

While Harry puts down Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas, and probably dislikes Condoleeza Rice for much the same reasons, I'd bet a lot that his doctor, lawyer, and manager are white. The tragedy of the black race in America, for at least the last 50 years, is of their own making. 700,000 whites died to free the slaves, so it can't be us. And when one of their own tribe ascends to high power, spokesmen from the African-American left condemn the fact that, in order to achieve greatness in America, he assimilated, just like the rest of us. The Jews and the Slavs (from whom the word "slave" derives) transcended their slave past by working hard and not reaching too far (until lately). Blacks should be proud to have Republican members, not angry or ashamed.