Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a great time to be an American

It's a great time to be an American

Benjamin Franklin once said "Where you stand depends on where you sit," but, beyond your situation, your stance also depends on your preconceived notions, your experience, strength, and hope, plus your expectations of what is possible. Thus, anyone who believes that the American constitution is the best rule book for the future, needs to come to terms with the reality that the constitution is not respected anymore as the national rule book, by any of the three branches of government that it created. Clearly, people who believe that we have but three branches of government have not closely read the document itself, which places sovereign power over those branches of government squarely in the hands of We the People.

In the last two decades, two major political groups have taken a stance far from constitutional rules, the social conservatives and the democrats. For the last four years the democrats have dominated the legislature, and have used their power to move the system further away from any semblance of constitutional rule over the expansion of their power. For almost two years the democrat party has dominated the executive as well, and they have acted in a way that seems bound and determined to remove any constitutional constraints on their almost dictatorial powers. Now it appears that they have overstepped the bounds of what they can get away with. Election day looms.

Zero base thinkers make a habit of reading opinion from all sides of the political debate. I must admit that reading sources from the political left has been a difficult chore these last few years, as they immersed themselves in the practice that has been so aptly named "Bush derangement syndrome," so unhinged has been their criticism of George W. Bush and all other thinkers on the right. The leftist (or statist) commentariat has reveled in their perception that their war against Constitutional limits to government power and American Exceptionalism had been won. It appears, however, that their celebration has been premature.

The counterattack began with the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, and the feckless response to those events by the president. It reached a fury over the cynical way the democrats pushed through their Trojan Horse health care bill. Now the terms of their defeat are being negotiated in election races nation wide. Clearly, this upcoming election will only be the result of a single battle in the war for control of our nation, and there will be many battles ahead, but it is clear that democrats will emerge from the elections in a depleted condition. I try not to predict the outcome of elections, but it is a common understanding that the control of congress will revert to the republicans, and the filibuster-proof majority the democrats hold in the senate is over.

So, these days, it has become less of a chore to read leftist opinion on websites like Daily Kos and Huffington Post. They reveal a diminution of respect for their leader, Barack Obama, who has turned out to be a disappointment to a vast majority of voters. He has not delivered on his implicit and explicit promises, made during the long campaign, to his base. Guantanamo stands, war continues, health insurance premiums soar. And, to the joy of no organized group, the economy is failing under the discredited policy prescriptions of the anti-business left. All this is fueling a strong response from freedom loving voters of all stripes, and should serve to depress turnout of many "Donkey" voters.

But the election is two and a half months away, so their can be no joy in the result yet. One can take joy today, however, in the disarray in the world of democrat opinion. For instance, Arianna Huffington writes,
"I get that the progressives, and the activists, and the young people who voted for the first time, and the disillusioned voters who returned to the polls in '08, feel slighted by the president. You thought you had a special connection with him, but it turns out he'd rather hang out with Larry Summers, flirt with Olympia Snowe, or play war games late into the night with David Petraeus. Face it: he just isn't that into you."
And the vitriol directed at president Obama can be found all over Daily Kos and other leftist, statist, and socialist sites has become entertaining, as the democrats engage in their cannibalistic practices. It seems as if no actual politician (with an actual chance to be elected) will ever be extreme enough for them.

As the sun sets on this latest attempt to seize power in the United States of America, it is a great time for us citizens. The democrats have been revealed as the party of the entrenched single interest power centers, and the super-rich. I do not advocate the republican party as the answer to the diminution of the constitution as the rule book of the American government. It is, however, the repository of the resistance to the Obamist movement, that is the horse the electorate has to ride at this time, if we are to move the government back, closer to the constitutional ideal. And they are riding it to victory in this latest effort to restore the rule of law to our republic.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Essence of the Ground Zero Debate

The Essence of the Ground Zero Debate

Misguided individuals have sided with a group that desires to erect a monument to the destruction of the great symbol of Western Freedom, the World Trade Center. I say that they are misguided because they show their fundamental misunderstanding of what the enemy is all about. To review:

In Islam, the world is divided into two parts, Dar al Islam, or World of Submission, where everybody is either Muslim or pays the Jizya and accepts second class status, and the Dar al Harb, or World of War, with which the entire Islamic establishment is dedicated to take over by any means necessary. In a war, you have to pick sides. To stand above the fray puts you in the camp of the enemy.

Give us you tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The operative word is FREE. If you want to take over, and convert everybody at the point of the sword, stay home. If home sucks, rot there, do not come here to spread your idea of religion and government as one governing unit. Now THAT is un-American.