Sunday, October 13, 2002

A Measured and Appropriate Response

That's what the Australian government just announced after that recent bombing in Bali, the one with al Qaeda's fingerprints all over it, where most of the casualties were Australian. Always one of our best international friends, especially since the Battle of the Coral Sea. the Aussies really appreciate us for that act of solidarity, which was a U.S. tactical blocking move on the Japanese, which kept Tojo from getting any further down under than Tulagi and Guadalcanal. This is a part of their culture to this day.
Each year since 1946 Coral Sea Week has been celebrated in Australia with marches by servicemen from both countries and social functions welcoming American dignitaries. The celebrations express gratitude to the United States for its part in the battle, and the support given to Australia by America in World War II.
So, while I never for a moment thought that they wouldn't be on our side when the next dust up occurs, they are now fully involved.