Friday, October 25, 2002

Chechens In Custody

Once again the application of Zero Base Thinking gives its practitioners advance warning of the news. Since these Chechen fighters are not suicidal fanatics, when the Russian troops invaded the theater, none of the Chechens felt the need to detonate their explosives, but instead returned fire. While they were prepared to die, they were motivated to fight. No "seventy two black eyed women" in a whorehouse heaven for them. They lost the fight in a tactical defeat, but perhaps a strategic victory in the war for Chechen independence from Russia.

Now we watch the spin, as the different sides in the geopolitical debate of the run up to the next battle in the war of civilizations. It will be interesting to see our leaders attempt to convince us that this was the work of al Qaeda. It works for domestic opinion, nudges Russia in the direction of the USA's war plans, and allows the rabble rousers to whip up a frenzy of fear in the theater-going public. I wonder which pundits will reveal this one for what it was.