Tuesday, February 25, 2003

War Looms Closer

Major developments in recent days have made the probality of war with Iraq loom ever closer. First, the government of Turkey is about to formally allow the deployment of the U.S. 4th Division on the northern border of Iraq, which would facilitate the armored thrust that is apparently part of the plan of invasion. Our ships are both anchored offshore and some are already docked, but according to the Turkish government spokesman, only defensive arms have been unloaded as of now. Once authorization to unload is granted, the fleet can disgorge its cargo, and the 4th can deploy in a matter of days.

Second, Hans Blix and the UN weapons inspectors have insisted that Iraq destroy some al Samoud missiles, which apparently have a greater range than that allowed under Security Council resolutions. Other nations, including France, have joined their voices to this demand, as has Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of The United Nations. It seems inconceivable that Saddam would allow this issue to so easily grant license for the U.S.A. to commence hostilities, but it seems that he is bound and determined to do so. One would think that he would try to run out the clock, as climatic conditions would seem to rule out any invasion unless it begins within less than a month, but the Iraqi government has apparently already declined to allow the destruction of the missiles.

Time is running out, and war is definitely looming closer. Stay tuned. Things are about to get interesting.