Thursday, February 13, 2003

Transnational Coup Threatens European Union

As reported in this space before, transnationalist "One World Government" types with no respect for national sovereignty are gaining power in Europe. As reported in the Telegraph, a group of EU bureaucrats, led by the convention's president, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, are in the process of hujacking power over the EU. As stated in the piece:
Britain will lose control of foreign policy and defence and will be stripped of its sovereign power to legislate in almost all areas of national life, under the draft text of the European constitution released yesterday.... Sweeping aside British objections, the document establishes the European Union on a "federal basis", enjoying "primacy over the law of the member states".
This is no joke, but the culmination of years of work. It's not just the British who object, but they are the most vocal opponents of the current language:
EU diplomats said the praesidium had been hijacked by a group of EU insiders. The two European commissioners on the body, France's Michel Barnier and Portugal's Antonio Vitorino, have taken charge, bringing in commission lawyers to draft the language.... There was speculation last night that the term "federal basis" would be removed from the final text as a sop to Britain, although this would not in any way lessen the transfer of power to Brussels.... In theory, any state can veto the document at the end of an "inter-governmental" vetting process this autumn, giving the Britain a second chance to slow the juggernaut.... But the convention's president, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, says that no one state should be allowed to block the majority, saying that naysayers will have to leave the EU altogether.
So there you have it. take it or leave it. And the antidemocratic forces, which intend to grant sweeping power to unelected bureaucrats, roll on. Stay tuned for further developments.

Link courtesy of View From The Right.