Thursday, February 06, 2003

Triumph for Jackson

I just finished the ABC two hour program on Michael Jackson, and I want to congratulate him. This show is a great victory for him, in my humble opinion.

The crux of all the discussion on the Michael Jackson thing for the last ten years has been, you know, the pedophile thing. Sex. With. Children. After watching this emotionally crippled billionaire for two hours, the clear conclusion that I draw is that this freak does not have sex. Not with children. Not with women. Not even with Rosie Thumb and her four sisters. This fellow is so afraid of sex that he can not even talk about the subject without affecting horror and revulsion at the mere thought of the act of sex.

I don't know what the punditocracy will make of this show, or the documentary that underlays it. But the whole point of this zero base thinking thing that I do in this space is to cut through the bullshit that pervades our society, and try to arrive at some semblance of truth. There are three sides to any story, and here is my side of this one: The guy is terrified of sex. The idea that he could have sex with anyone, including himself, would depend upon him having thespian talents that he has never shown. He is not an actor. He is (or was) a brilliant choreographer and a great dancer. Other musical talents reside in his ouvre. But acting? That's not his bag. He couldn't even pretend to deny his facial surgery effectively. This guy could not hide his true feelings if he tried. And he did try. And what was revealed was a frightened emotional cripple who has a very unusual relationship with other humans. In other words, he is an artist. A weirdo, not a criminal.

If the rest of the world sees what I have seen in this latest revelation, the accusation that he has had sex with minors should disappear. If that happens, the way will be clear for him to make a comeback in his musical career. And if that happens, what a triumph that would be! Talk about a resurrection from the dead. This would be tantamount to a miracle. Bravo, Michael Jackson.
UPDATE: At least one person feels that MJ is capable of more activity than I do. Read the sworn Declaration on The Smoking Gun.