Thursday, July 25, 2002

Moral Equivalence

There's been a little storm over on Bill Quick's Daily Pundit over the friendly fire casualties in Israel. When the USA targeted a bunker in Baghdad that killed hundreds of families, and Saddam wasn't even there, there was no outrage over it that was anything like this. Why the huge furor overa dozen innocents that get in the way of a war? I deplore the killing of anyone, even my enemies. But if you are about to murder me or mine, say hello to Allah. What bothers me more than that are the vicious lies, that acquire currency with repetition, which are promulgated by the enemy

Arabs, like leftist extremists, have little respect for truth. They prefer feelings and attitude to truth. Truth can be so inconvenient. The Geneva Convention, International Law, and U.N. Resolution 242 EXPLICITLY allow for almost everything Israel has done. The settlements are in a grey area of these rules of international conduct. I wouldn't like anyone to confiscate my land. But is this really the issue here? Not a single acre was confiscated until the Arabs, in violation of the U.N. decided to finish the job Hitler had failed at, in 1948. My parents were Zionists, and assure me that they bought every scrap of land, and fully intended and expected (the fools!) that they could live in peace with Muslims, who historically had been a haven of relative refuge in a world where killing jewish children was a common (European) diversion. Once the Jewish State was declared, however, the Mufti in Jerusalem and others evacuated their own people in preparation for a war of annihilation. Those Arabs who did not obey orders to leave are the only non-immigrant Arabs in the world today who are citizens of a free and democratic state. I defy anyone to show differently.

Some may feel lucky to have this opportunity to be able to pursue an agenda that continues this historic, thousands of years old effort to destroy the Hebrew race. They may even not be in touch with the origins of these feelings, deep within their own souls. Maybe even God is still out there making my people suffer. But Western people, who should know better, are beneath contempt when that see an equivalence between targeting innocent children on their way to school, with the death of children that a man who is guilty of horrendous acts deliberately places in the line of fire.

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