Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Leaks or Disinformation?

Today Tony Blankley explores whether the round of leaks in the mainstream press are true leaks by doves in the Pentagon or disinformation designed to confuse Iraqi war planners. It seems to me that a more reasonable explanation is that it is all part of a domestic propoganda campaign designed to confuse the American public as we go into the home stretch of this election cycle.

If these are truly leaks by general staff designed to influence the administration, the name for it is treason. Say what you want about self serving careerists in the ticket punching world of the Pentagon, but traitors, they're not. And, in my humble opinion, Iraqi war planners are more"with it" than most Americans when it comes to military matters and the use of power. They know their own vulnerabilities better than our war planners do, and understand the bias and agenda of the various American media outlets better than most members of the American voting public. Survival in the Byzantine world of Saddam Hussein's Iraq requires a political shrewdness that is very unusual here, since, in Iraq, if you miscalculate, you die. The fatuous have been weeded out long before today. The agenda of the NYT and WaPo is clearly one in which any lie which benefits the democrats is allowed, since they clearly believe that, while Iraq is a threat to America, republicans in power are even more dangerous.

In any case, we will know for sure in the next few months. I read somewhere today (sorry, can't remember where) that the administration has indicated to congress in no uncertain terms that there will be no October surprise. If the Administration is unable or unwilling to attack SOMEONE before November, they have a huge motive to make it look like war is imminent, in order to retain the House and regain the Senate. And if there is one thing we know about politicians, it is that they will do anything to acquire, retain, or increase their power.