Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I was just over at Dean's World, a liberal world where, it seemed that there might just be a bit of balance. Then he started defining all ideas as "new," and the post degraded after that. I just had to leave my droppings there, and I quote them in their entirety for those of you who will never get through his long post to get to my comments:
You liberals really do think that all good ideas are new? And republican ideas are new too? Well here's a shot of reality for you: the very basis of the conservative movement is to bring back the good old days, when a man could stand on his own two feet, and could shoot a burglar or an alligator who entered his home to do mischief.

The problem with you progressives is that you don't realize that, in the words of Khan; "it's surprising how little man himself has changed." Power still corrupts everyone. Show me ANY congressman (sorry, congressperson) running for re-election to his third term who has even a shred of the ideals left that spurred his (oops, I guess you politically correct types would prefer that I write here, incorrectly to a wordsmith like myself, their) first decision to enter public service.

The bald truth is that, humans are very much still like the Elk: those who acquire the power still want to keep all of the women (er, I dunno, women mostly don't seem to want harems of men. Help me out, what am I supposed to say here to make this statement gender-neutral?) and eat the best food, live in the biggest house, etc. Look what happened to the communists (and, for that matter: every single utopian community ever created, after the idealistic founders aged and the younger generation took over, failed).

So go on and pursue your "new" ideas. The 1960's are far behind us. The old reactionary right (like me) have a few decades to go, at least. Look at how even Europe in tending further and further to the right. There is more power in freedom than there is in an endless posting of "new" rules, new laws, new restrictions on our liberty. In fact, what really "new" idea has the left ever floated? It's mostly repackaged old trash, on both sides. The difference is, our trash smells better.

Judging by the dearth of hate mail, my guess is that few lefties visit here. I imagine that few of us visit them as well. This is a mistake. One needs to understand the other side even better than one knows one's own.

So click on over, and leave some droppings of your own. I am sure that Dean will appreciate the traffic.