Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Racist Progressives and Integration

Racist Progressives and Integration

Star Parker writes about race relations in this country a lot, and has a piece up today. She runs through the history, but she misses a few points. I believe that she blames government too much, and fails to respect the idea that they have had a lot of help and guidance. Blacks have had some reprehensible leaders, and have not been well served by the partnership between them and racist white liberal government policies.

I find much of her explanation for what has happened since WW2 cogent and persuasive, but she leaves out quite a bit. Basically it was integration that caused this problem, IMHO. Not just the problem Star writes about, but the greater problem of our deteriorating society. First we told the blacks that they could not assimilate without help from the government, then that their children could not learn unless they were in school with white children. After Malcolm and Martin were killed, with the black philosophical leaders gone, new black leaders donned their mantle and embraced the integration philosophy as a tool to personal wealth and power. We all went along with it, since we could not foresee the insidious effect that was coming from this toxic progressive stew.

Then came welfare rules that were toxic to family formation and a social separatism that flowed from the forced integration. The result of all this well meaning liberal "assistance" was the fractured world we have today. The transnationals need us all to split into groups that transcend national borders, so we all became hyphenated Americans. We must resist this tide.

We can all cherish our traditions while assimilating as fast as we can. You should see my father's relatives. They live in their own world, and you can tell what group they belong to at a glance. There are many who hate them, but they have gotten along well in this society. We Americans must ask ourselves - what role did skin color play in Obama's election? Does not his election point to a world where cosmetics no longer matter?

We are who we are, not what we look like, or where we come from. Not what we wear or eat. Next presidential election we might well see a man with roots in Africa run against a man whose parents are from India. Yet Obama's theme song will not be Gangsta Rap as he dances with his wife and plays with his children, and Bobby Jindal is unlikely to sway to the stylings of Ravi Shankar on the Sitar with his family, no matter what any of them listen to on their iPods. We are all in this boat together, and Star making government out as the bogeyman begs the question of where the government gets its power, which plays into the hands of those who intend to enslave us all. The enemy is "Progressive," transnational, and socialist, and they are the people who tell you that Star Parker and Clarence Thomas are not "legitimate blacks." Are they really on our side? Or their own?