Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Did We Get into this Obama Mess?

How Did We Get into this Obama Mess?

It has been said, here and other places, that Bush and Obama are two sides of the same coin, that there is no difference between republicans and democrats. More true than that is that Bush was the setup man for the scheme. He was demonized in a fashion never before seen in the USA, which made almost any democrat a shoo-in for election. But along came Obama, the perfect choice to please both progressives and moderates, with a side order of whites suffering from a guilt syndrome over our racist past.

Obama was a cipher - a man who could act as a rhetorical chameleon - who will be remembered for his ability to get majority support for a single day - election day. The republicans putting up a weak candidate made the whole thing inevitable.

The biggest difference between doctrinaire democrats and today's republicans is that their platforms and speeches attract different supporters. In reality the battle is not between the two dominant parties, it is US against THEM. The power is supposed to rest with the We the People, so the political class plays single interest political games to slice off constituencies one at a time. But since Reagan left office, both parties want nothing so much as power.

For all that I am not a conspiracy theory guy. I do not believe there is a single group (who once met at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek in 1954) that controls the major governments. Where I come from it is more about single individuals and groups all doing what they feel is in their own interest, with a tiny cabal (the NYC mayor has more political patronage jobs, at higher pay, than the White House) always seeking to manipulate themselves into more and more power. Coalitions rather than conspiracies rule. Now, under Obama, there is more power being accreted into the White House than at any other time since we threw out King George.

Even FDR failed to take over, no matter how hard he tried. He got lucky with the war, but luckily for us he was selfish enough to never appoint a successor. The danger to our republic has never been greater. I wish I had an idea what to do about this, other than opposing any incumbent for reelection in 2010. I hope, I pray, that the anti-incumbency movement grows big enough in time.

Still and all, the Obamanauts will create massive destruction to our government and economy until then. If they are not turned out in 2010, if they they are thus encouraged, the power grab may well be complete by 2012.