Monday, January 26, 2004

John Kerry, New Front Runner

After my last prediction, on the Iowa caucuses, I am out of the prediction business. But it requires no special oracle to state that John Kerry is the new front runner in the race to attain the democrat party's nomination. Watching him yesterday, and realizing that this man might actually win the White House, was more than a little depressing. How could the democrats, the party of the downtrodden, consider nominating another patrician, a man born to the manner, and to the manor, and who has married the wealthiest widow in the world. A man who disgraced the nation whose uniform he wore as soon as he took it off, a man who fraudulently discarded his medals, only to take them back the minute it suited his purpose to do so... FEH. Disgraceful. I could go on, but in today's Wall Street Journal, Stephen Sherman, a fellow Lieutenant in Viet Nam with Kerry, bemoans the fact that Kerry is using his service to grab the votes of men who would otherwise never even conceive of voting for such an empty suit. A sample:
He joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and emceed the Winter Soldier Investigation (both financed by Jane Fonda). Many veterans believe these protests led to more American deaths, and to the enslavement of the people on whose behalf the protests were ostensibly being undertaken. But being a take-charge kind of guy, Mr. Kerry became a leader in the VVAW and even testified before Congress on the findings of the Investigation, which he accepted at face value.

In his book "Stolen Valor," B.G. Burkett points out that Mr. Kerry liberally used phony veterans to testify to atrocities they could not possibly have committed. Mr. Kerry later threw what he represented as his awards at the Capitol in protest. But as the war diminished as a political issue, he left the VVAW, which was a bit too radical for his political future, and was ultimately elected to the Senate. After his awards were seen framed on his office wall, he claimed to have thrown away someone else's medals--so now he can reclaim his gallantry in Vietnam.
We will no doubt have many more opportunities to examine the life and qualifications of this guy in the weeks and months ahead. I wish that I could ignore the contest. All of these unqualified men contesting for the most powerful elected office on Earth, willing to tell any lie, kiss any baby, do any thing, in order to get himself elected. Once George Bush was himself one of these men. But he has emerged from the crucible, was tested on 9/11, and now we are at war. The truly frightening thing is that so many do not realize that we are at war. The same ones who elected B.J.Clinton on the premise that we were living in easy times, and thus allowed our enemies to grow as strong as they have become.

I wish that we were not living in such interesting times. I wish that we were not at war. But we are. And wartime is no time to elect another man who loathes the military. Hanoi Jane's partner in disgrace. Looking at John Kerry fills me with revulsion. I'll say it again. FEH.