Saturday, January 31, 2004

If You Just Can't Get Enough....

I continue to get requests for more stuff than I am able to post on this here web site. I guess I've got a few fans, believe it or not. Some of the reason why I don't post more is that I spend far more time reading than writing. A lot of the time, when I am reading another blog, I leave a comment or two. In fact, some of my best (and worst - Ed.) writing is in those comments, as well as some fine debate on issues that should interest anyone who would read this page. I have, in the past, on this page, tried to post here and include some of my comments left elsewhere, but that has always seemed weak, as well as unfair to the others involved. So, I am going to try a little experiment.

I am going to start posting links to some threads I am following on other blogs. Most will contain some comments of mine, but all will be items well worth reading, IMHO. Of course, I got this idea from someone else, but, predictably, I forget who. If I remember, I will give a hat tip at that time, but, so as to not hold up the proceedings, herewith I give you:

Some comment threads I am following:

On Brothers Judd:
You know it's the Times Editorial Board when....
Rather Switch Than Fight

On Daily Pundit:
Kerry says threat of terrorism is exaggerated
Are You Kidding Me? (Clinton as Middle East Envoy)

On Just Some Poor Schmuck
Some Iraqis The Democrats Can Get Behind.
He Ain't Called Weasly For Nothin'

On Horologium
More doublespeak from Kerry

And, the link to the video clip of the aftermath of the bombing in Israel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We shall see how this goes. And have a happy Sunday!