Friday, January 02, 2004

Bush Lied

In recent days, I have been noting more and more complaints that "Bush Lied." It seems to be the big argument against the presidency of G.W.Bush. His putative opponents in the presidential campaign to come all keep saying "Bush lied" like some kind of a mantra, or some magic words that will make Bush disappear. The rest of the left, and the trolls on so many web sites where debates on the upcoming election thrive, repeat the mantra ad nauseum.

The reason that these petty arguments against Bush seem so insubstantial is that those who espouse them have decided that Bush is "BAD" before searching for an argument against him. Like throwing the dart against the wall and then drawing the bullseye around the point of impact, they admire their handiwork, but the rest of us, those who view the scene with a critical eye, see an insubstantial pattern of half truths and innuendo.

OK, Bush lied. SO WHAT? The fact is that we are all safer for the fact that Saddam is out of power. We are all safer for the fact that Gaddafi is afraid of what Bush might do next, so he is turning over his WMD programs and info on Iran and North Korea. We are all safer for the fact that Assad of Syria is less likely to make trouble and support terrorists, because he is afraid of what Bush might do next. We are all safer for the fact that Iran is opening up their nuclear reactors for inspection, because 150,000 American troops are on their borders. We are all safer for the fact that America has become a factor in the Middle East equation that we never were until the arrival of those same 150,000 troops in Iraq, plus the takeover of Afghanistan by the Afghan patriots we supported. We are all safer for the fact that Bush presided over the two most masterful military campaigns in history, and the evil dictators all over the world were watching.

America is now the only significant world power, with less to fear than ever before, and all the carping martinets of the left can come up with is BUSH LIED??? Twenty five million Iraqis don't have to worry about being thrown into a shredder, but that can't be a good thing, because BUSH LIED?

This so-called liar will most likely be the first President in American history to win all fifty states. And we are all safer for it. God bless Bush, and thank God that the opposition to his presidency can come up with nothing better than BUSH LIED!!!

Not to mention that, I don't think he did, and if he did, it could never be proven. I am not happy with the status of personal freedom in this country, but then, I am not happy that we are at war with a few million crazies who have dreams of taking over the world. Like him or not, Bush was the man on watch on 9/11, we are at war, and with Bush's firm hand on the tiller, we will win this war. Nothing in my lifetime is so important as winning this war. And, if the president has to lie in order to get the Congress to support his war plan, so be it.