Wednesday, March 19, 2003

War Imminent

As the water gets hotter and hotter, this frog is about to break into a rolling boil. France and Germany have failed to stop the march to war, along with their European allies, Belgium and Greece. Russia and China didn't want any part of the fight, but didn't flex their muscles to stop it either. The British Parliament approved the war resolution, 412 to 149. More and more sorties and special operations launch every day.

What amazes me is the anti-war left. Rather than seeing what is good about what is about to happen, and surrendering to the inevitable, they insist upon making it crystal clear that their hatred for Bush trumps any feeling they might have for the fate of the Iraqi people. I have heard no Iraqi voice, except those on the party payroll, that condemns this action that means imminent freedom for their people. How did the left get to a place where they side with the fascist dictator against the Anglo-European forces of freedom? To side with France and Germany, Russia and China, against most of the rest of the civilized world? At worst, Christendom against the Islamic Jihadi movement, with the Jews, finally, on the side of the Christians.

Be that as it may, I offer a prayer for our troops who are about to be committed in battle. May their aim be true, their blades cut deep, and their enemies die well. May God keep our Soldiers, Airmen and Marines safe from harm. I pray that the Iraqi people deserve the freedom that we are about to bestow upon them, and not let us down in the aftermath. And may the misguided left see the error of their ways.