Monday, March 10, 2003

The Lysistrata Project

is an effort from some purportedly sane lefty women who apparently believe that all women are against war, and it is the men who wage war. Furthermore, in their misguided belief that their only worth as women is their power to withhold sex, they are determined to disrail the so-called "RUSH" to war by withholding sex from their men. My wife, ten times the woman that these harridans are, believes that, therefore, the best way for a woman to signal to her spouse that she supports his politics is to make up for this impending sex deficit in a personal way. This could become a mass movement. In any case, the rallies and the demonstrations should be very interesting. In solidarity with this movement, I offer this site as a rallying point to oppose those who support the dictator Saddam Hussein with the cry of "Peace" and decry the 12 year long "Rush to War" and accuse the 40 nations who join with the U.S.A. of unilateralism, with the motto:

(Tip of the hat to Asparagirl.)