Thursday, March 06, 2003

Boycott Delta Airlines!

The administration continues with its attempts to hijack the freedom of Americans by instituting the CAPPS II system, which is an anticonstitutional protocol in which dossiers will be compiled on ALL airline passengers. Not only will confidential information on all passengers be collected, there will be no right of review or correction if they have any incorrect information, or confuse you with someone else. Delta airlines has volunteered to be the pilot airline for the program. In response to Delta Air Line's utter lack of concern with the privacy of their customers demonstrated by their participation in a test of the CAPPS II system, a Delta disinvestment campaign has been launched at: .

In the event that the name servers have not yet propagated, the site can be reached at:

The idea of citizens having to undergo a background investigation that includes personal banking information and a credit check simply to travel in his or her own country is invasive and un-American. The CAPPS II system goes far beyond what any thinking citizen of this country should consider reasonable.

If enough people refuse to fly Delta, then it is likely that other airlines will refuse to implement this sadly misguided and anti-democratic system. The boycott will remain in full effect until Delta Air Lines publicly withdraws from any involvement with the testing of CAPPS II.