Sunday, January 26, 2003

Public Deployments on CNN

If an enemy of the USA, or anyone with the curiosity to know about it, for that matter, wants to know about the deployments of United States forces in the Persian Gulf region, needs only to click on this link. I dunno if this gives aid and comfort to the enemy, or is calculated to have the opposite effect, but it seems to me that this is way more information than any member of the public has a need to know. While I find the info interesting, and am in favor of transparency in how our government operates, I really wonder if this is necessary.

As with much that is going on in this country since 9/11, we seem to be having many more "grin and bear it" moments lately. I guess that all good Americans must have confidence that our government is sudenly imbued with an aura of efficiency, and that everyone involved has our best interests in mind. or maybe something really wrong is going on here. Pick one....