Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Frog Boiling Continues...

United Nations weapons inspectors have found a dossier in a scientist's home in Baghdad that proves that Saddam Hussein has continued to pursue the creation of nuclear weapons. As the article says:
In their eagerness to get into the scientists' homes, some of the inspectors had been seen jumping over a garden wall. Once inside they found what one Western official has described as a "highly significant" batch of documents which, on closer inspection, revealed that Saddam's scientists were continuing development work on producing an Iraqi nuclear weapon. Although these documents are this weekend still being examined by IAEA experts to establish the current state of Saddam's nuclear weapons programme, the discovery could well turn out to be the "smoking gun" that officials in the Bush administration have pinned their hopes on obtaining in order to justify launching military action against Baghdad.
On the same day, UNMOVIC revealed that Saddam had a dozen chemical weapon warheads. While Blix and Co. were at pains to claim that the warheads were empty:
"I'm not sure what the blazes it is that inspectors and the world's diplomats expect in terms of a smoking gun," said Richard O Spertzel, a former head of the UN biological weapons inspections unit. "If it's loaded munitions, this is a waste of their time. How many filled munitions did we find in more than seven years? None."
The clock ticks on, and our frog must sense the water heating up around him.