Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Amendment Basics

Second Amendment Basics

I learned about guns early. At four years of age I was shooting paper with .22 Long Rifle. At 12 I owned my first 30-06 and shot a Deer with it. I did the same for my sons. My wife started a little later than I did. She had to meet me first, her gun training came later.

In my house, there has never been any ambiguity about what weapons are for, the simple rules of civilized gun ownership. Long guns are for animals we want to eat, pistols are for shooting people who mean to do the same to us. Always identify your target with certainty before firing. Always shoot to kill.

Liberals believe that government is the only entity which should be allowed to use firearms. I believe that We the People need firearms to threaten, and if necessary shoot, the government, if they forget who works for whom. These are the principles upon which this great nation was founded. Liberals believe that the constitution is an old piece of paper that has outlasted its usefulness. Their philosophy was founded by Wilson and Mussolini. It is called Fascism or Progressivism. We are lucky our founders, Jefferson and Madison, were so smart as to anticipate the lure of a majority which realizes that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. They made it almost impossible to make further amendments to the constitution, unless there is near unanimity of the citizens.

The second amendment says that since the government will always have a militia, We the People must retain our right to keep and bear arms to stop them from becoming too ambitious. While I trust the military and police with their guns, I have no such faith in politicians. So I taught my children all about guns at a young age, as my father did for me, as I expect my sons to do for their children when the time comes.