Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Republican Star

Last week I introduced Daniel Hannan, a rising star from Great Britain, who is an eloquent spokesman for anyone who is angered by the unprecedented power grab taking place right now, as Obama seeks to create massive additional dependency. Now we have a new American, a fresh voice from congress, with similar clarity and determination.

Now, of course these fellows did not rise full grown from some magic incubator last week, but have been toiling in the trenches for years, trying to get our attention. But they have it now - at least they have mine.

Much more from Eric Cantor is available here.

There is also a nice piece on him at the Wall Street Journal, titled "Obama's Attack Machine," about how the democrats feel he is so dangerous, they are concentrating so much of their fire at him.

Last week Newt Gingrich explained that the worst of what is wrong with America could be fixed by a massive increase in the nation's commitment to win the Wra on (some) Drugs. This is a guy who was my hero in 1993, when he was instrumental in reining in Bill Clinton. Now he is just an aging pol who wants to regain power at the price of our liberties. Who doubts that drug abuse could be stopped by the U.S. government? Al;l it would take is the repeal of the bill of Rights and the establishment of new sweeping police powers. Nice.

BTW, while looking for this video I found a cogent explanation of how congress can authorize war without using the words "Declare War" and thus the Vietnam and Iraq wars are entirely constitutional. This comes from constitutional scholar Marc Levin, who is worthy of a listen, and respect, IMHO. Video available on YouTube.