Monday, July 12, 2004

Two to One Equals Nothing

In an interesting look at the effect of money on politics, the Kerry campaign has spent about twice the amount of money on ads than the Bush campaign in the recent period, yet the polls show no bounce from the announcement of Edwards as his running mate. For the first time in modern politics, such an announcement has yielded no increase in polling results for Kerry.

That does not include the free propaganda that the major media outlets are ading to the effective presentation of the anti-Bush side. USA Today even says "Taken together, about 129,000 Kerry or anti-Bush ads were aired, 82% more than the Bush-Cheney total." as if 82% is less than two to one (which it is, but not by much) so that the effect of these facts will be muted. The poor leftists do not really understand what is happening. To them, everyone would vote their way if only they would hear the liberal message. They do not understand that people vote for a candidate, and an empty suit can not win against a popular president. Health care and the plight of the Pintail Duck will not convince the broad middle to vote against our war leader. Their only hope lies in the possibility that they can convince the voters that there is no war, and even then their empty suit will have a difficult time winning this race.

Only if al Qaeda restrains itself from attacking us until after election day does the anti-Bush have a chance. That is a strong possibility but, with bin Laden dead, and given our success at decapitating them from their command and control capability, the remaining al Qaeda leadership may have been rendered unable to get their cells in this country to refrain from launching another attack.

I do hope that the al Qaeda cells did get the message. I want no further attacks, irrespective of any strength such a state of affairs gives to the candidacy of JFK. It is clear to me that that is exactly the message that has been sent to the al Qaeda troops on the ground in the USA. Yet, even without such a reminder, it is clear to me that the rank and file of American voters realizes that we are at war, and Bush is the leader we need to protect us and to prosecute the war effort. The Leftist propaganda machine is hard at work trying to convince the electorate that there is no war. If the comments I heard from the "Hollywood in New York" fundraiser last week are any indication, that is the message that they are trying to get out. For instance, Chevy Chase said something on the order of: 'Bush promoted a few bands of losers to a position of sufficient strength to attack us on 9/11/01.' I know Chevy, and, while he's a nice fellow and all of that, he does not have the brains to dream up such a scenario on his own. He is parroting lines he has been fed, which is, after all, what he does for a living. (Sorry Chevy.)

Perhaps there are enough deluded swing voters who, fresh from seeing Michael Moore's propaganda film, might just give the enemy enough votes to garner their guy, the Manchurian candidate John Kerry, the votes needed to win. Perhaps the media can convince enough swing voters that the economy is still in recession. Perhaps enough deluded Jews can foolishly vote for the enemies of Israel again. Four months are a long time. I can just hope and pray that the chips fall toward the right, one more time.