Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Bad Reagan

I started out to write about something else this evening. I believe that, what with the slim pickings in this space anyway, it would be cheap and lazy of me to post on the democrat convention. So many others are covering that subject, and the rest of the world, the real world, is still there, festering and thriving away. But what I just heard Ron Reagan say has made my blood boil.

Note to readers: boiling blood is liable to lead to inappropriate language. Be forewarned.

This little prick, this know nothing, no-talent zero, who couldn't even make a living in television when his father was at the top of his powers, is now shamelessly hawking his ass to anyone who will pay, like the cheap Times Square hustler that he is. Last night I saw him on MSNBC, as the fifth liberal on a six member team of second rate hacks and has-beens. Today he is on a roll, putting his nose in places where qualified leaders refuse to tread. I fear that nose has been in even less savory places, but that I did not have the misfortune to witness.

He began by decrying how the other side has politicised an issue, when nothing could be farther from the truth, and proceeded to attempt to make it totally political. An issue that is, first and foremost, in the realm of science, and in that realm is not taken seriously. In other words, there is no controversy in scientific circles, yet this little scum smear seeks to make it an issue from which he can get attention. The issue? Human fetal stem cell tissue research. His point? He seeks to coerce the half of citizens who would rather not pay money to terminate what they conceive as human life, to so contribute. His means? Attempting to convince voters that A) such research is vital and B) denying millions of tax dollars to pursue such folly is reason enough to dump the Bush administration and therefore vote for his idol, JFK.

Actual, rather than political, research has discovered that human fetal stem cells are not a likely place to find useful medical treatments. Especially since we all carry around a virtually unlimited supply of our own stem cells. There is therefore no need to destroy human fetuses in order to "harvest" these alien, less useful, fetal cells. And, just in case there is a medical cure available here, there are a few programs going on, albeit without benefit of money from unwilling Americans. But this political hack and attention whore can not stop himself from trying to draw the spotlight to himself, and thus garner a few more unearned paychecks. Plus, as a liberal, he enjoys the rush of using the power of the State to make people pay for something that they find repugnant. And never forget the need that lefties seem to have to encourage more abortions, for whatever reason.

It is an incredible dichotomy: the son of the public figure whom I most admire, has managed to become the one for whom I have the greatest contempt.

Update: Rand Simberg has something similar on Transterrestrial Musings.