Sunday, March 21, 2004

A War's Woeful Results

It is going to be one long campaign. The combination of factors that have led a substantial fraction of our voters to hate our president with such a great passion has resulted in a set of circumstances that promise to give us an election campaign of unprecedented length, as well as a ferocity that I, for one, can not remember having occurred before, either from the pages of history, or in my personal experience. And remember, my first political rally was for Adlai Stevenson, against Dwight David Eisenhower.

The ferocity of the mass media against this incumbent, combined with the culmination of the opinion-changing techniques being used by the opposition, have resulted in a polarization that seems to be unprecedented in our national discourse. Now we have before us eight more months of this rancor. And today, the editorials have begun. In March.

The L.A.Times has an editorial today, in which they state:
The U.S. grows increasingly isolated from its allies, and that gives comfort and strength to its enemies.
I applaud a system that allows our press to undermine our leaders in wartime, as I deplore the mind that would take advantage of this freedom. The opposition candidate, similarly, brags that the leaders of foreign nations are on his side. Worse, the calculus that this statement will garner him even greater support shows that many of the people will play into this tactic. The fact that the statement itself is demonstrably false makes this hurt all the more. After all, if the activities of this administration gave "comfort and strength to its enemies," why would they be so desperate to remove it?

But the genius of modern opinion molding techniques is that these statements have no need to be true, or even internally consistent, they need only to awaken feelings of hostility, even rage, in a portion of their audience. And, as long as a fifth column of willing accomplices control so many "respected" media outlets, this nation's war aims may well be disrailed. The left wing is now squarely in the corner of our enemies, and not for the first time. Their atandard-bearer is even a veteran of the war that ensued the last time that the same thing happened. Tonight, at 9:00 P.M. Eastern time, CSPAN will replay JFKerry's testimony before Congress, in which he claimed, and now denies that he claimed, that the entire armed forces of the United States were complicit in war crimes.

All Americans owe it to themselves to tune in, and see for themselves, what this poor excuse for a man has claimed, under oath, before considering voting for this particular piece of human waste. The truth of this man is far worse than anything I could say about him. Make up your own mind. Watch his testimony tonight.