Monday, March 22, 2004

Mass Murderer Executed

In an action that humanitarians the world over celebrated, mass murderer and Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin was killed in a helicopter missile strike outside a Gaza City mosque Monday, in a long awaited response to Yassin's years of planning and carrying out hundreds of murders of innocent civilians. Most of his victims were Jews, but dozens of Arabs were also killed in the suicide bombings that were Yassin's trademark.

In a related story, news organizations world wide have issued reports condemning Israel for carrying out this so-called "escalation"
prompting threats of unprecedented revenge by Palestinian militants against Israel and the United States. Yassin was the most prominent Palestinian leader killed by Israel in more than three years of fighting, and his assassination was seen as a major escalation.
Why these news organs choose to use language that glorifies this human pond scum and condemns the Jews is a mystery to clear thinking people everywhere, yet they continue to editorialize the news in this manner. In the meantime, at least in my house, we are celebrating this improvement in the human gene pool. "Words cannot describe the emotion of anger and hate inside our hearts," said Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh, a close associate of Yassin. Meanwhile, at the Gersh house, the emotion is one of joy and hope, as yet another second stringer is about to take the reins of yet another terror group, as Mr. Yassin descends to the fires of Hell and discovers that his 72 virgins are merely Lucifer's torture squad, as they peel back his fingernails and burn his balls, in the eternity of pain that this monster has earned by his horrific actions on this planet.