Friday, December 20, 2002

Trent Lott

This whole Trent Lott thing has been amusing to me. This guy makes an innocent (to him) comment at his friend's birthday party and it gets blown all out of proportion to the facts. In the hypocrisy laden gestalt known as Washington it gets turned into a career-killing faux pas. Then the animals start making their jungle noises designed to extract the most career-enhancing juice posible from the still warm corpse of their colleague. All very funny. But, some of the noise is just too much to bear.

The Democrats have made an art form out of race-hustling. They have become so successful at it that they now garner over 90% of the black vote. This from a party that gives nothing to the blacks, with the exception of some food stamps, and creating an atmosphere in which a sizable cohort of the African-American population is destroyed from the standpoint of being equipped to successfully assimilate into mainstream America. It is galling to listen to such a useless piece of human garbage as Hillary Clinton saying things like: "If they think that having one person stepping down cleanses them from a generation of exploiting" blah blah blah, when she represents the party of the race-baiters, and is married to maybe the best exploiter of black pain ever to come down the pike.

I attended the New York City public schools in the 1960s, so my familiarity with blacks should be obvious. In any case, I will not defend or otherwise characterize my understanding of them, or detail how many black friends were at my wedding or any other bona fides I may have, to be able to claim to be qualified to comment on the bad deal that the blacks get in this country. Hello, but the Indians get a bad deal as well. The Catholics are getting a hard time lately, and the Jews have had a rocky time until the last few decades. But no group that I can think of has had so much of the crap that is poured on their existence administered by their putative "friends," as have the blacks by the Democrats, their "protectors." They don't need protection. They are quite qualified to hold up their own end. But as long as so many of them buy into the lie that "whitey" owes them something, they will continue to have a hard time getting ahead. As long as a group as powerful as the Democrat party can prosper so richly from making the black race in America a victim class, they will continue to be victims. And as long as they give their votes to the party that has become their own worst enemy, without asking for (or at least getting) anything in return, their prospects will continue looking dim. The shamelessness with which the Democrats abuse and exploit them is truly disgusting.