Monday, December 30, 2002

Conservatives and Race

In the aftermath of the Trent Lott resignation it is interesting to note the difference between the Conservative and the Liberal reactions toLott's words. At first the Democrats were content to say nothing, possibly in the hope of having the issue fester for months, to their political advantage. On the other hand, possibly they were disinclined to bring the subject up considering their own record of the subject. Why, only last year Robert Byrd, Democrat icon used the term "nigger" in an interview, and his past language has betrayed more than a little bias against the black race in America (he was a former Grand Kleagle in the KKK), so the dems might feel just a little hesitant to start such a fight. But once the battle was joined, they demagogued the issue to death.

But the pressure on Lott to resign came from the right. As told by John Leo it was entirely Republicans who put the pressure on. This is not a question of which party or side of the political spectrum the rascicts reside in. That is clear for all to see. What I see in all of this is that only one side is expoliting the issue in such a politically tawdry way. Yet the blacks continue to give their votes to the left. This is something that I will never understand. This is a group that votes in a bloc more monolithic than the 2nd amendment people do, and look at the political power of the "NRA." If the black voters would just get a clue as to how the political system works in this country, they could hold either party hostage to their issues. Instead they just reliably vote for the donkey, so the Democrats give them nothing (they have no reason to), and the Republicans have no reason to give them anything, since they will harvest no votes that way. Still, no civil rights legislation moves without Republican votes.

It's really quite sad. This group, so vibrant and so much an intrinsic part of this great nation (their ancestors have been here longer than most whites') refuses or is unable to fully participate in the national politics. They have leaders who make a business of crying victim, and the rank and file, the great majority of whom are not on the receiving end of the government largesse given in their name, just go along and support the party that treats them like second class citizens.