Friday, August 02, 2002

Update On Junk Science

In response to the question: how can you eat all of this fat and not get high fat levels, You must realize that digestion can be described as the rendering of food into water-soluble form. Obviously, fat can not dissolve in water. Fats and oils are broken down into a water soluble form. the body can reconstitute the fat if it needs to. Cholesterol may be a component of food, but serum cholesterol is manufactured in the body. If other biological conditions do not cause this to happen, it won't. In my case, with a 3000+ calorie diet, heavy in fat, my LDL is very low, my HDL is high, and my triglycerides are below normal. And if you are thinking that this diet is too good to be true, let me say that I am just dying for a croissant and coffee, but I can't have any. But fried chicken skin: all I can eat!