Thursday, August 08, 2002

Hatred or Fear?

As a Jew, the evident hatred of the Arabs for the Jewish people affects me differently that in affects many others. See, they are not the only ones who hate my people. The Skinheads hate us, for instance. History is replete with groups, movements, and governments who are on record as hating us. Hitler's Germany, the Spanish Inquisition, Polish and Russian pogroms are a part of our history. Now it seems that the Arabs hate us. But lately I have noticed a difference in the words of our enemy. They are quite open in their condemnation of the Jews. They are not shy about explaining to the world the depths of their feelings. And the more I read, the more I realize that they don't hate us. They respect us. They fear us. They feel totally inadequate to resist us.

They say that we control the pentagon. We control the media. We control the White House. We control the congress. The world banking industry has been a Jewish possesion for centuries. Dig a little deeper, and you find in their literature a feeling of helplessness that we will overpower their culture, that they will all convert to Judaism if we are not anihiliated. One can see in their struggle to kill all Jews a desperate, last ditch attempt for the survival of their very civilization.

Maybe we should not fear the Arabs and the Islamofascists. Maybe we should be proud.