Thursday, December 01, 2011

Obama's Blunders

Obama's Blunders

So, there he goes again. The Won has completely blown any claim he might have to intellectual superiority. This is not the 57 states, not the corpse man, not Hawaii is in Asia, not even the intercontinental railroad. This one runs deep. Once he calls the British embassy the English embassy, he seems to realize that he blew it, so he corrects himself with calling it the United Kingdom. (Video embedded below) Even undereducated American children laughed. The White House says it is all a mere (couple of) slips of the tongue. That they defend their guy is no surprise. What surprises me is that many on our side are willing to go along with the charade.

It seems to me that the reason the democrats are so successful in American politics even as few voters agree with their core beliefs is that they are not deterred by any need for propriety or sober reflection. The proof that Clinton raped Juanita Broderick was no issue, but a broke-ass whore making unfounded allegations against Herman Cain is front page news. That slim story is given more attention and belief by the left than Gennifer Flowers' tapes.

Bush was an idiot, they smeared, even as he read more books than any of them ever did, but every time their Golden Boy is revealed as an ignorant fool some on our side counsel ignoring it. For what advantage? Why should we just give up points in the political game?

Make no mistake, politics is a game, and if our side plays by a more restrictive set of rules than our opponents we might well end up with 4 more years of The Won. Face it - he is dumb, he is ignorant, he can't think on his feet, he reads (WHEN he reads) light fiction and lefty polemics. We should be pointing that out when he makes a fool of himself. The Obama campaign will be calling us racists anyway, so I can't see a single reason to hold back on his fundamental weaknesses, which are his weakness as a leader and a thinker. The guy is unqualified. Some may have thought (or hoped) that the first three years would have seen him grow in office. That has not happened, and his failure as a leader is there for all to see.

We need the voters in the middle who went his way last time to clearly see what and who he is. Democrats will surely have no reticence about painting our guy as an evil liar and a fool, no matter the facts. On the issue of Obama's lack of understanding of some of the basics we have the facts on our side. This issue is important - it is crucial - he is not a very smart man, and when he shows that, we need to point it out.