Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taliban commanders say Pakistan intelligence helps them

Taliban Commanders Say Pakistan Intelligence Helps Them

In a no-surprise non-story, Taliban commanders have revealed, in a BBC documentary, that ISI, the Pakistani intelligence agency, provides and has been providing safe haven and weapons to Taliban fighters who kill American troops and Afghan civilians. This item appears a few days after Afghan President Hamid Karzai stated that, in any war between America and Pakistan, Afghanistan would be on the same side as Pakistan.

We know well the Islamic disdain for life on this planet, but this speaks to a desire for the Taliban commanders and Karzai to reside with Allah in heaven sooner rather than later. They may well understand Obama's desire to empower the enemies of America, but it may be that Karzai has underestimated the propensity of the American electorate to take incompetent leaders and put them out of office. We can presume that Obama's replacement will have a different take on paying billions of dollars per year to our enemies.

It has been our experience that moslems desire death with far less enthusiasm than they claim in their public pronouncements, but this time their lives may be closer to their end than they realize.