Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts on the renewal of the birth certificate issue

Thoughts on the renewal of the birth certificate issue

The thing about the birth certificate issue being revived is, the president is the one keeping this issue alive. He clearly believes that he is being cute, and getting over in some way. The impish smile gives him away. That guy better never play poker.

On our side, we do not really believe that he can or should be disqualified on account of his dubious parenthood - the voters have made their ruling on that one. But. We hated Clinton for a lot of things he did. The stain on the dress is merely the key we used to have him impeached and disbarred. If Obama's cute game with his documentation becomes his stained dress, that's fine with us. But there are far more serious issues...

Many of us believe that another four years of this guy, four years when he will know that he will not have to face the voters again, well, many of us believe that our nation will not come out of that as something we could recognize. I imagine that many felt that way about Bush eight years ago...

Things will fall out as they may, but I for one am glad that this is becoming an issue. Now, if I am wrong, Obama actually IS smart, he has all this figured out already, and we are all playing out our parts in his devilish script. Or maybe this is another in his string of blunders, revealing his profound incompetence. We shall see, soon enough.