Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Racial (and Racist) Tendencies are Human Nature

Racial (and Racist) Tendencies are Human Nature

It has always struck us as amusing that American whites are so sensitive to charges of racism, and the mental gymnastics most are prone to engage in when it becomes propitious to deny their own race based patterns of thinking. It would appear that whites are the only people who take time to express their own color-blindness.

Of course this is a response to the racial grievance industry in this country.We still talk about reparations that would be paid to blacks who may or may not be related to someone who suffered from the practice of slavery one and a half centuries ago. The money would be taken, or extracted, in Henry Louis Gates' formulation, from whites who mostly have no familial relationship to slavery, possibly even family to soldiers who fought and died to end the peculiar institution. The grievance industry has been so successful in extracting cash, jobs, and favors from whites in this country that an irrational subculture, with its own language, has evolved. The fear whites have developed to being called racist has combined with the blacks' institutional demand for unearned goodies, like jobs or acceptance to schools they do not qualify for, such that they have encouraged the "soft racism of low expectations" that vexes and besets them so. They have created for themselves a permanent underclass, and it is mostly due to their own efforts that so many American blacks remain ensconced within it.

Now a body of research is emerging that confirms that much of the behavior that is condemned as racist is actually neurologically based, that is, hard wired, in the human brain. We do react differently to people depending on their race, and the way we react to many social situations is indeed related to brain structures that are genetically passed along sown the generations.

Nothing to be ashamed of - we react to race in ways that have nothing to do with evil racism, we act the way we do because of human nature. This is not racist stereotyping, it is survival skills and instincts we learned in the primordial goo, from before the dawn of time. Not that anything will change now that we know this, since the race blame game is a core power center of the political left. It is, after all, the political left that has no respect for science when it is revealed as an inconvenient truth to their policy prescriptions. But next time my son gets rejected for a school or a job he worked hard to qualify for while some undeserving black child breezes in, I will tell him to smile. After all, none of us can help being the way we are. Human.