Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Can There Be Peace With Islam?

Can There Be Peace With Islam?

Yes, there is a "Grand Muslim plot to take over the country" - and the rest of the world as well. It is no secret - it is in their holy book. They discuss it, they act on it,and they make little or no effort to hide it. We owe it to ourselves and our posterity to understand this phenomenon, and to resist it.

To speak intelligently about this we must understand the historical lineup of the Judeo-Christian religions. First out of the melange of pagan and other belief systems and superstition came the Jews. The priest class assembled legends and a common origin theory into an organized religion. Their overarching authority was judicial, and they exhorted their subjects (congregants) to do "good works" as a route to a better life on Earth. All in all a pretty good system, and it has lasted for quite a while, but humans could do better. Some of the priests thought they needed a new tool to amass more power.

So along came the Christians with a better idea (actually it was a few rabbis with ambition who started it, but the first Christians had been mostly pagans who converted). Since they had few rewards to give out in exchange for the two things any priest class needs to thrive - money and power - they incorporated a new element the Jews had missed - an afterlife. Now they could promise that whoever gave them lots of money and listened to orders could go to heaven and play with the Lord! What a concept! That business plan has lasted for two thousand years. But there were even more clever members of the priest class being born and dreaming up new ways to acquire money and power.

So came the Muslims. The element they added to the powers of the priest class was total government control. Their new book was not only a book of rules of behavior, expressed as laws with earthly punishments and other-worldly rewards, but a handbook for government, direct control of armies, and a detailed plan for taking over the entire world. They almost made it too. From 632 or thereabouts right up into the Renaissance they took over much of Africa and big parts of Asia, the Iberian Peninsula up to the Pyrenees, and their empire was poised to conquer Europe, until they got to Vienna. At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Christendom mustered a very large force, and they were stopped. Their decline began there and has continued right through WWII. They backed Hitler, and as we all know, that was the losing side in that conflict.

Now they have gone back to their book, and the war against us has been renewed. After a thousand year expansion, the three hundred year hiatus in this war has been trivial to them. They take the long view, after all. Today they attack in little ways, and then they rest. The big weapons they use are religion and population, with a side order of intimidation. The very name of their religion is "Submission." There are no translations of the Koran allowed, so everybody prays in Arabic and understand none of it, except the Arabs of course - the Muslim ruling caste. They marshal their forces through the mosques. Their other weapon, the population initiative, is wielded with some skill. The provide the fecund females to the wealthiest males, in bunches, so that the maximum number of children can be manufactured for use in war. They remove the clitoris of girl babies so that there are fewer barriers to procreation. They divide the entire world into two parts, dar al Islam and dar al Harb. That means that there are only two places on Earth - land of Islam, and land of War. No peace with unbelievers is EVER allowed - only temporary truces. That's why Hamas has stated that, IF Israel will go back to the pre-1967 borders, they will join into a ten year truce, which foolish pols who pretend to be statesmen like to call peace.

Peace with Islam is not possible. Only times of relative calm are allowed by their holy book. Now with the invention of inexpensive weapons with great destructive force they have become extremely dangerous. As long as free and intelligent people fail to see the truth, we will remain extremely vulnerable. We are a selfish people, thus we have relatively few children. It may well be that we need to choose between becoming a Hispanic country or a Muslim one. Easy choice for me - and better than altering our system of government to allow for constant war.