Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama the Fellated Angel?

Obama the Fellated Angel?

In a striking pose, a photo of a float in a parade in Dusseldorf, Germany, shows our president in a dress, with a halo over his head, and a smaller figure depicting Europe, behind and below him, apparently about to commence an act of fellatio. Personally, I think it is pretty funny.

But. Imagine that this float had some simulacrum of Mohamed, or any other Muslim character. How many people would be killed or maimed in the resulting uproar? How many beheadings would result?

The multi-cultis are in the process of handing Western Civilization over to Islam in the mistaken belief that all cultures are equal. They believe that we lack standing to discern between cultures at all, let alone declare ours superior to theirs. Yet here we have a clear example of the dichotomy between our two cultures - we have the ability to satirize ourselves. The Europeans make fun of themselves by being in the submissive pose in their float. Most Americans find the whole thing a trite joke. Yet who among us believes that we could satirize anything Islamic and not incite hatred and murder?

A few crass cartoons and literally thousands died. A statue of an extra dark Obama about to get blown by Miss Europe and we laugh, or perhaps some of us think of it as an artistic statement. There is clearly a superior culture here, and if we do not change course in our headlong rush to create a multicultural West, we will be living in a Muslim world. For the time being, I cherish my ability to publish these words.