Friday, January 30, 2009

Demographic, and Immigration, Insanity

One of the very best of the Euro-Blogs, The Brussels Journal, has a series on the impending destruction of our culture by the forced infusion of Islamic culture upon the West. While this subject is well covered in Mark Steyn'e latest book, "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It", today's installment of the series of posts in the Journal is stellar. A taste:
Question: What are these people doing in Europe? Who invited them? Who let them in? Who let them stay? What has allowed them to even dream about moving to Europe, let alone realizing a colonization plan?

In Great Britain alone, intelligence agencies are tracking 200 terrorists plots among Pakistani Brits, of whom some 2,000 are under observation. More than 400,000 Pakistani citizens of Great Britain travel every year to Pakistan – a country of 12,000 madrassas and, as of mid-2005, 55 terrorist training camps.

Why are there a million (1) Pakistanis in Great Britain? Just what has been going on in the brains of the British ruling elites these past 40 years? What has been going on in the brains of the ruled British people?

What are these people doing in the United States? We know how they came and who and what let them in, but why? The stock answer is: the left, to gain new voters; the right, to get cheap labor. But it’s not the real answer, except if this be a society of madmen.
For the rest of the story, read the whole thing.