Monday, August 04, 2008

A Complete Transformation?

A Complete Transformation?

In yet another stupendously pompous and arrogant statement, that is what Barry O is promising now. In a speech in Michigan today, he claimed that he would preside over "a complete transformation of our economy." Clearly, this man can not stop at merely promising to bring one billion of the world's poor up to middle class status, now he will deliver us a new economy to fund it with.

It would be funny if it were not so dangerous. OK, so this guy slipped between the cracks when the Clintons tried to rig the game to get Hillary nominated, and instead rigged the game in a way that snuck this underqualified lightweight into the nomination. And the smart money says that the deal is over, no way Hillary gets into His place. But is there no adult supervision in the democrat party? Are they really gonna allow Obama to be their nominee?

Don't they realize that this means that he might actually become The President of The United States of America? For the next four years? Four years in which either SOME responsible party attacks Iran, or we all face nuclear blackmail on an international scale with more dire repercussions than we can even imagine at this point?

I am no Hillary supporter, far from it. But given that, no matter how impossible it looks like right now, Obama might actually get elected, and I fear for my nation. If Obama, Pelosi, and Reed are the ruling triumvirate during the next four years, the damage that might be done, especially internationally, might just really be terminal for our way of life. This threat against our economy is the cherry on top.

If Bush chickens out from his final responsibility, and forces Israel to attack Iran's nuclear sites alone, just imagine what the next two weeks under an indecisive Obama administration looks like. When does he commit the entire force and will of the USA to the battle? After Iran mines the Straits of Hormuz? After the first nuke goes long and explodes in the Mediterranean? Or does he wait until the loonies in Teheran finally obliterate the Hebrew presence on planet Earth in pursuit of their looney end-times prophesies? And even then, does Hussein order retaliation on his brothers? EVEN THEN??

No, yet I am certain that all of Western Civilization has a dog in this fight, and the bottom line is that Obama must be defeated. I can't have who I want in the White House, but either McCain or Clinton are far to be preferred to the untested one, who has gone so far beyond flip-flopping that he can most properly now be called what he is, LIAR, willing to say anything, anything at all, if it will please the audience he is standing in front of at that moment. At least we know that Hillary has been there for eight years, and understands the stakes and the game. Faced with a dire situation, I believe she would act. She might act a tad too slowly, but so did Golda Meir, and nobody calls HER a softie. But would Obama? How do you, how could you know?

I call on the Democrat Party to stop this thing before it is too late. Any Democrat nominee has a chance in November. Even Barry O would have a chance? Anything might happen at the last moment of a campaign that ends up electing the wrong guy. It is now up to the leadership and the super-delegates to do the statesmanlike thing, and do what is in the best interest of this country. Nominate Hillary Clinton, so that we can choose between two people who at least qualify for the job. It would be a big surprise, but I can still hope, can't I? The next few years are too critical to trust to a man who has done no thing in his life that recommends him to the White House. He did not even want the job two years ago, but now his handlers have gotten him to the very brink of success - POWER. Every voter must think it over again if he is still willing to vote for Obama.