Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Katrina, Race, Silence, and Bill Bennett

The opponents of affirmative action legislation, starting in 1965, pointed out that the policy must fail - indeed, had always failed - because it was a temporary policy that, by its very nature would be permanent. That, once instituted, it could never be repealed. That it violated the fourteenth amendment, that mandated that all people be treated equally. They were right. What they failed to apprehend, and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina revealed, is that it creates in its beneficiaries an unnatural dependency on the beneficent class. As news video showed, while poor whites fled, poor blacks waited for rescue. Then they, and their apologists, blamed the federal [White] response, while making excuses, and just plain giving a pass, to the local [Black] response.

Now Bill Bennett, a crusading anti-racist and abhorrer of abortion has the temerity to allude to the fact that blacks are more prone to violent crime than whites, or indeed the population of the U.S.A. as a whole. How foolish of him. What he forgot, just for a moment, is that, while whites refuse to use race as a weapon, the blacks see race as their most effective crutch. How can they ever improve their lot in life if they refuse to face the reality - that their culture, or whatever it is, foments violence, dependency, and racism, while it eschews education and self reliance. And those members of their own community who fail to hew to this line are lambasted for "acting white."

Aside from this is the thesis that the economic vitality of nations are dependent upon the I.Q. of their citizens. This may be a painful idea to grasp, but blacks do not fare well on I.Q. tests. No matter how racially neutral such tests are made, even non-verbal I.Q. tests show blacks to score lower than other races. As J. Phillippe Rushton has written (J. Philippe Rushton - Race and I.Q and J. Philippe Rushton - I.Q. Map) a country's prosperity is closely related to the average IQ of its population. In fact, "well over half (about 58 per cent) of the differences in national wealth can be explained in terms of national differences in average intelligence. Each IQ point above 70 in the national average was worth about $850 in per capita GDP."

But we are not allowed to speak of it. When Jamie Glazov, of Front Page Magazine tries to get a conversation on this subject going, all he can get is denunciation - of his source, or his motives, but precious little discussion on the merits. (Katrina, Race and Silence) And poor Bill Bennett is piloried. Al Campaneris and Howard Cosell similarly were made to suffer for speaking truth to the race hustlers, or those to whom no one dare speak truth. But they can not silence us all.

No one takes on the subject better than Fred Reed, who asks the questions the way they must be confronted, which is squarely. (Fred Reed On Katrina Looting) However it is stated, we have a problem here. In an ironic way this is similar with the problem we have with Fundamentalist Islam. That is, this is really their problem to solve, yet all of us suffer if the problem goes unaddressed. Violence and Ignorance can only be fought if we can admit their existence. We can solve nothing with silence.