Sunday, May 23, 2004

Global Warming Circus

I must read the wrong sources. It is surely all my own fault, since I eschew what has become called the "mainstream" press. So, I almost never read anything from AP, Reuters, or most newspapers. This wonderful resource that enables my words to flow out, also allows a stupendous amount of information to flow in.

But today, almost by accident, I clicked on Yahoo, and proceeded to read the news. Ok, so I already knew that America, Israel, and the Jews were responsible for all of the ills of the world, so I skipped all of that crap. I did note that the top story is still the events of a single day in Abu Graib prison, even though it seems that nobody cares anymore except committed leftists and bleeding hearts. To the rest of us, the comfort and happiness of those who ARE TRYING TO KILL US ALL is a no story, but those who still believe that the most important thing about our leadership for the next four years can be summed up by saying BUSH LIED, believe that humiliating some cocksucker by making him observe a female human body for the first time in his life is a story with enough legs to help them garner more votes for their national suicide campaign to elect another bleeding heart with enough nuance to compete with Jimmy Carter for worst president in history.

No. None of that either surprises or troubles me. It is unfortunate that the Democrat Party is in the process of committing suicide, but the alternative makes such an outcome a positive one. What really troubles me is the new offensive to destroy America using junk science and fantasies of human omnipotence as weapons. For the last few years, all of the SCIENTIFIC literature has shown a more reasonable point of view, questioning previous assumptions and asking more questions, seeking more answers. Questions like, why is the South Pole accreting more ice than ever before? Why is there no epidemic of skin cancer in the far north? Why are Islands in the South Pacific semmingly sinking beneath the waves when Japan and North America are seeing lower Pacific ocean levels? All questions we need to understand before we can make declarations of predictions more grand than those of Nostradamus. And who could disagree that we need to understand tomorrow's weather before we can make predictions about the weather decades or centuries hence?

Well, if you think I overstate the case, just check out this piece by the AP, a truly silly piece written by a science writer with exactly zero sciectific background, making vast predictions about the exact outcomes that could be expected after human actions that would entirely wipe out the world we know we live in, in favor of a grand experiment in Human omniscience. His sources were the usual suspects. First up, the rapist of the Iraqi children, Kofi Annan. Then he references unnamed scientists at NASA, yet I could find nothing on their web site that agreed with his analysis. Then this mountebank references the disgraced IPCC report, and quotes Walter Munk of San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a well known extremist on this subject. That's it. Oh yeah, he also includes plenty of material from the South Pacific islands that are sinking into the Sea. Since no scientist even claims to understand why this is happening, and it is, he quotes none. Yet in true bleeding heart fashion, the stories of human suffering that these Pacific islanders are predicting for themselves are left to stand alone.

For those of my readers who are true believers in the so-called global warming phenomenon, know this: I am a father of two young children. I will do anything to make a better world for them. I am not some out of control capitalist who would trade next year's world for this quarter's profits. Maybe my scientific training gives me a better viewpoint that some of you. But there is one thing that you should consider before you call me a Pollyanna. Not a single study has ever been done that sought to discover whether of not altering our industrial or automotive output of Carbon Dioxide would cause a global cooling, or whether that would be a good thing, or a massive human tragedy. Not one. Every single prediction that has ever been made about the sequalae of the industrialized world ending the production of energy has been made on pure faith! There is debate about whether or not such knowledge is within humankind's ken, but NOT ONE scientist has done more that played with a computer to produce preconceived results. There may or there may not be a climate crisis coming, but before we allow political power players with a well known propensity for transferring the wealth of the West to the East to convince us to do that exact thing, before we have some idea what reducing CO2 will actually accomplish.

It's a small thing to ask. We should look before we leap. Luckily we have a unanimous U.S.Senate on our side.