Thursday, April 01, 2004

Kerry Indicted

Maybe "indicted" is overstating the case, as I am using its plain English meaning and not its definition as a legal term of art, but he has been accused of massive violations of election laws, and the donors themselves, under the new campaign finance law, are risking prosecution and conviction. As the lawyer for the Repuiblicans said:
"Senator Kerry, who supported the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act, is now the beneficiary of the single largest conspiracy to violate campaign-finance laws in history," RNC Chief Counsel Jill Holtzman Vogel said yesterday at a press conference with Bush campaign and other RNC officials.
As per usual, the law of unintended consequences looms large in any new legislation, but it is really funny that the democrats, who pushed for this law, are the first to run afoul of its provisions. Their boy George Soros is a major figure in the fraud, and started the wheels of justice turning with his big fat mouth. You see, under this piece of ill-founded legislation, it is against the rules for soft money to be used directly to affect elections, and the election of the candidates therein, as silly as that sounds. And Soros and the democrats have made no secret that they are going to use this money to elect JFK, and not merely to push "issues."

As the article goes on to state:
The Republican complaint says that groups organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Service code are asking individuals for unlimited, unregulated donations, using the pitch that the money will be spent to defeat Mr. Bush or elect Mr. Kerry.

Providing that money would be a crime on the donor's part.

The law carries stiff financial penalties and incarceration for violators.
This one will be very interesting to watch, especially the spin. As the major media outlets continue their quest to save the world, by defeating George W. Bush, they will have to downplay, and even ridicule, this effort to get the dems to obey the law. I can't wait to see how this plays out.