Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bold New Plan, or Brazen Pandering?

John Dunshee over at his fine blog "Just Some Poor Schmuck" has a post detailing some of the latest utterances by the candidate-apparent, including some of his latest grand give-away plans. As I say, this give away plan is the same old crap. And now that most taxpayers no longer have any income taxes to pay, other than the payroll tax, voters have no reason not to vote for every entitlement they see in the democrap candy store. It is a shameful situation that, a little bit down the line, threatens our very nation.

Back during the founding of our nation, doubters wrote that democracy could not work past the point that the voters realize they can vote themselves largesse from the federal treasury. We may be about to reach that point. After it happens, historians will realize that it was this idea of a progressive income tax, which insulates most of the people from the need to pay for any of these goodies, that sealed our fate.

Meanwhile, over at Brothers Judd, there is another post about some of the concerns that democrats are having over a likely Kerry candidacy, that should attract a lively discussion. Clearly John Forbes Kerry is a flawed candidate, but Bush has his own problems as well. Anyone who thinks that this election will be a cakewalk for the Republicans is in for a surprise. As long as about half of the voters believe that the war is over, we are in danger of another Clinton style hollow presidency. It could happen. Believe it. This is no time to relax.