Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Movable Type

There seems to be a movement among Blogspot bloggers migrating to Movable Type. A few bloggers with the resources are making it really easy (and cheap) to do so. The latest one of my favorites to move is John Dunshee of "Just Some Poor Schmuck." (I have him as J.S.P.S. on my blogroll)

John makes it look easy, although there was a period where his blog was practically unavailable, and the new site looks great. I am contemplating the move, although the idea of having to learn an entirely new way of doing things, when I had just gotten used to the Blogger way, is a bit daunting. (Cripes! I just got comments hooked up last week!) But if John can do it, maybe I can too. We are the same age and all. Then there is the consideration of losing my plethora of inbound links and having to beg and plead to get them changed to the new address, rather than just dumped (but that's just my mishegas).

Anyway, if I make the change, it won't be for a while, and I'll probably keep the Blogspot blog going anyway. But, either way, I will strive to keep you, my customers, satisfied, as always.