Tuesday, April 01, 2003

War Polarizes

As the war progresses, the opinions expressed by those citizens who respond to pollsters have become more polarized. Not only are more people going over to the "Hawk" side, the number of "undecided" pollees has gone down as well. This phenomenon has infiltrated all strata of society. Now, even my wife, Beverly, who is not a very political woman, has taken a very strong stand on the side of goodness and light. (How a "not a very political woman" can stand to live with me is another story, one that will never be told)

She received an email, its subject and sender are unimportant, and it set her off. An excerpt of the email she wrote me follows:
No doubt, this organization's intent is to coddle our children, hide our kids from the truth so they won't have any baaaaaad effects from our nation being at war... so they won't be affected as adults and need therapy when they grow up... no instead, let's make war very touchy feelie, express your feelings... we know it's a baaaaad thing, and we know this baaaaaad President of ours is doing a baaaaaad thing and it's okay to feel baaaaaad. And that's okay because he's not really OUR President... remember, he stole the election. Just let it all out and tell us how baaaaaad this makes you feel. Ooooooh, pooooooor babies...

I fear we are a nation of wimps, creating a whole new nation of wimps. Wimps spawned by protesters of the late 60's and 70's who only knew to protest the Viet Nam War because it was the "thing" to do at the time if you were cool.

Some people are under the misguided notion that this war is about oil... or that nothing could happen on our soils, so why are WE at war???!!! They don't want to acknowledge that 9-11 happened on our soils, and could happen again -- from the nuke you believe could be sitting in our harbors, to a deadly virus (hmmmm... SARS, ya think), to more suicide bombings a la 911, we are sitting ducks and can only anticipate what evils a madman might dream up out of his hatred for our nation. I've heard it said that Bush allowed 9-11 to happen to us. What??? Who could've predicted that 4 planes, all on the same day, coming from all parts of the land, would come together to perform such a heinous -- no, outrageous act??! I would say that Clinton cutting our Services down by 50%, or his making friends with every nation no matter how cruel their policies so Americans would be distracted from the fact that he was getting a blow job, was far more to blame for the state of our nation's freedoms and securities, or lack thereof.

Well, now I'm ranting...
Rant away Bev!!! Just one more example that where you stand depends upon where you sit.