Friday, November 15, 2002

Nancy Pelosi, Conservative Catholic

That's what she said. In liberal San Francisco, says the new democrat leader of the House of Representatives, she is seen as a liberal conservative. This is the level of veracity that we can expect for the next few years. This from a pol with a 100% rating from the liberal interest groups. I have always said that anyone with a 100% rating has a serious neuronal deficit. If one's brain is plugged in and the switch is turned on, there is a tendency in human mentation for a certain variation, an individuality of thought. There is no difference, in my view, between political and religious fundamentalism. The fundamentalist mind set betrays a loyalty to a movement that requires the abandonment of independent thought. The requirement is a commitment to a set of "beliefs" that allows no questions, or variations from a rigid set of committee determined norms. Fundamentalists do not allow, in themselves or in others, independence of thought.

How does such a mind deal with unique situations? Isn't this the basic reason that the left has been unable to deal with the Terror Threat? On 9-11 we were presented with an event that challenged us all with a sea change in the world as we had come to know it. Until September 10th, 2001, we had been starting to believe that history was over, that war and endless conflict had been replaced with prosperity and long life. Our great problem for the new century was going to be bringing the more benighted parts of the world up to our exalted level. A movement was brewing to conquer and civilize Africa, for God's sake! And now, all of a sudden, we have to grapple with being under attack. With a paradigm shift in which the citizens of the most powerful and safest nation in the world were the targets of a new kind of warfare. And the liberal fundamentalists had no idea how to respond. Love, peace, and happiness were no answer to bloodthirsty fanatics that were eager for entry to their whorehouse heaven, and the ticket that they needed was our blood on their hands. Independent thought was needed. Pelosi and her ilk are incapable of independent thought. Their herd mentality could only think to run, hide, and blame themselves.

The right, in its response, answered with a strategy born of its own fundamentalism, to be sure. G.W.Bush is a religious fundamentalist himself. But that is a debate for another day, and I have written about this before. But for the purpose of this essay, suffice it to say that we can thank God that the right's impulse to smite their enemies was exactly the right response. Irrespective of how it was arrived at, the only way to fight a foe who has the moral certainty of a religious fundamentalist is with a little moral certainty of our own. We must fight, or we surrender. Liberalism wants us to negotiate with the monster. Nancy Pelosi, the new leader on the democrats, is the poster girl for liberalism. The American electorate must, and shall, deny power to such a mindset. Choosing Pelosi may prove to have been a tragedy for the democrat party. It certainly gives We the People a clear choice.