Friday, September 27, 2002

Smallpox Vaccine, At Last

At last, the Federals have decided to allow us to purchase smallpox vaccine.... wait, I thought for a moment that a Republican administration was calling the shots here. My bad. The Bush administration has decided to allow us to be provided vaccine on a centrally decided and controlled schedule, to each according to his needs. How foolish of me to believe that this government would allow American citizens to decide anything as important as which risks to take in order to provide for our own safety.

Significantly, the only medical doctor in the senate, republican Bill Frist, is inb favor of allowing us to make our own decision in this matter. Why Bush and Co. demand a socialist approach is a mystery. The arguments against an approach to this problem based on freedom of choice are even weaker than the arguments against allowing us to decide to take prophylactic Cipro during the Anthrax scare, and those were specious, but at least were the subject of public debate back then. The argument in favor of allowing us to decide whether to vaccinate for Smallpox is overpowering.

But then this is the same government that arrests terminal cancer patients who are found to be filling prescriptions for marijuana that are written in accordance with state law in eight states. I may not understand the logic, but at least they are consistent.

I admit that I am stumped by this one. Thomas Jefferson and I both believe that prescription laws in general are a particularly insidious form of mind and body control that a free nation has no business propounding. But then, I am stumped by the laws that apply to the prohibition of any other drugs as well. But maybe the free market can be induced to work. I have, after all, two small children to care for and protect. If any of my readers get a line on a few doses of Smallpox vaccine, please let me know.